Mrs. Watts-Gordon's Class!

 Welcome to 2nd Grade!

This year in 2nd grade we have a lot of fun and interesting topic's to cover! Second grade is what we like to call a transitioning year. This is the year that you begin to read chapter books and get a taste of taking CATS- Like assessments.

This year we will take one state wide test and one county wide test. We will take the GRADE test which measures reading, listening and  comprehension skills. We also take the scantron test. This test measures reading and math skills and it helps the teachers to better teach the students that are in our classes. We will take both tests twice a year! We also take assessments every Friday. Each Friday may be different but we will almost ALWAYS have a spelling test. We will also have math, grammar, science, and social studies tests throughout the year.

Minnie Dale is my team teacher! This is her 30th year! We work together on a lot of things. We do science and social studies together and we also do reward and reflection together on Friday's! We do our class celebrations together as well.

The entire 2nd grade will be going on all field trips together this year! Get really for some exciting hands on experiences!


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